Coming Soon: Les Miserables

“Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert Tour”  Presented by Famous Artists Broadway Series Location Crouse Hinds Theater, 411 Montgomery Street Syracuse When  Feb. 21-26 Tickets Vary Preview by Aasimah Navlakhi

The first time I experienced Les Miserables was in April 2004. Nearly 20 years after it originally opened in London, I sat in my quiet, wintry dorm room in England, held captive by the magic of the filmed 10th Anniversary concert edition of the show.

The musical follows Jean Valjean, a Parisian prisoner, on his road to salvation. Touching on the classic themes of right, wrong, good, evil, love, hate and gluttony, the multi-layered plot revolves around the French student uprising of 1832. The score, by Schoenberg, resounds with echoes of redemption and revolution, at once enticing and abhorring, but never dull.

Two years later, I sat in the cheapest seats of a London theater and took in a matinee of what had become my favorite musical. Except this time, the magic was gone.

But Les Miz won’t go down without a fight. After all, it is the world’s longest running musical. So this Tuesday, I’ll be watching it a third time at the Crouse Hinds Theater in Syracuse.

This production, presented by the Famous Artists Broadway Theater Series, is the first national tour the new 25 Anniversary version of Mackintosh’s show. This revamped version - with sets inspired by Victor Hugo’s original paintings - has been so wildly lauded by critics, that NY1-TV went as far as to say, “Musical theater lovers can rejoice. Les Miz is born again.”

Watch out for my verdict right here on Green Room Reviews next week.