Welcome to year three of Green Room Reveiws

GRR LogoTheater is a collaborative art form. As trite as that statement may sound, it often goes unnoticed by the general public that it truly takes a village of artists to create a theatrical production. From the playwright to the the usher helping you to your seat, every person involved in theater is essential to its livelihood. Critics and their criticism are also an essential component of this theatrical ecosystem. The word criticism, however, when mentioned in conversation often leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Frequently associated with feelings of negativity and inferiority from days receiving harsh grades from school teachers, criticism is hardly associated with positive feelings.

And the title of critic? That word too is often misconstrued as a writer or media personality who is elitist in viewpoint and relishes in slaughtering any art deemed unworthy of his or her unimpeachable taste.

As it enters its third year, the writers and staff of Green Room Reviews aim to reclaim the meanings of these words and take them back to where they rightly belong: as a positive force for artistic growth.

Over the next year, Green Room Reviews pledges to produce quality criticism that not only honestly informs the consumer, but also provides constructive criticism to the area’s theatrical artists. Green Room Reviews will honor the great achievements as well as highlight particular aspects that need improvement in every production so as to create a dialogue between critic and artist. And if that dialogue is healthy and towards the common goal of quality theater, the reader, critic and artist all win in the process.

Created and curated by master’s students from the Goldring Arts Journalism program at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Green Room Reviews is a project of immense passion for all involved. This year's staff will follow the great example set by co-founders Lauren Smart and Leah Stacy and last year’s editor-in-chief Josh Austin by providing entertaining and thoughtful criticism as well as increase the institution’s presence within the community.

We are excited to experience all of the rich and diverse theatrical productions Syracuse and Upstate New York has to offer. And before you take your seat and the lights start to dim, we hope you join us here at Green Room Reviews. It’s where you go before the show, and hopefully where you will return long after the curtain has fallen.

Nick Reichert